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Excalibur Support - Glass Cutting Tables

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Excalibur Glass Cutting Table was a high quality, reliable fenestration solution, developed in the mid-1990s.  The machine's productivity and Lockformer's reputation quickly made the Excalibur a popular machine for Window and Door manufacturers.

At this time, nearly 15 years since the last Excalibur was built, all the electrical and controls components that are key to Excalibur's success, have become obsolete.

Due to a lack of available replacement components, full time support of Excalibur Glass Cutting Tables will no longer be available.  Replacement components, whether used or refurbished, may be offered, only if available.  We can now longer provide factory service on these machines.

The discontinued support of Excalibur will not effect the Screen Express.  The Screen Express has continued to evolve and will remain available as new machinery as well as full aftermarket support for the extensive, installed base of the Screen Express screen assembly machines.