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Yoder Installs Elliptical Tube System

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yoder Manufacturing, a long time supplier of tube & pipe mill systems, is unique in the industry.  As part of the Formtek Group, Yoder is able to supply tube mills, roll tooling and cutoff equipment, in conjunction with Hill Engineering, another Formtek company.  As a whole, they are able to look at the complete manufacturing system and apply appropriate disciplines to yield a system that reshapes round, fusion welded tubing into an ellipse.  Based on recent installations, Yoder installed an elliptical tube system that produces a finished product that is 73% thinner than the incoming round tube diameter.  Due to the reshaping tooling designs, the final product had minimal surface marking, typically caused by speed mismatch, which was accomplished by considering the profile orientation through the mill:  the tall axis of the ellipse is horizontal, taking advantage of the natural forming of the driven stands, while reducing the effects of rotational speed differences, due to changes in tool-to-section radii.  For more information, contact