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Thursday, April 17, 2014

In the past, “dimple-free” tube cut-off systems where made for typical higher speed tube lines, and because they had to produce at these high speeds, they came with a high price tag to suit.

The tubing industry needed a cost effective alternative for a dimple-free cut-off system on slower, lower production tube mills. This is the niche that the Hill Engineering “Duo-Cut” system was engineering for.

By combining Hill Engineering’s Flying Duo-Cut integrated die/press units with our high speed hydraulics expertise, we are able to produce clean, dimple-free cuts on tubing up to 3” diameter. In order to obtain optimum speeds at reasonable prices for different sized tubing mills, we offer three sizes of systems—3/4” maximum diameter, 1 ½” maximum diameter and 3” maximum diameter for up to .125” thick steel. Because of the compact nature of the units, they are more economically priced with faster ROI on slower line for lower production requirements.

The basic mechanical unit is also designed to be quick-change when going from one tube diameter or thickness to another. This again lends itself to lower production requirements where quick change is more important, due to shorter runs from one order to the next.

Because of the nature of this system design, we also offer a small diameter pneumatic Duo-Cut system which is the essentially the same as our ¾” diameter system, except operates with air cylinders instead of hydraulic cylinders. These systems are used for such applications as brake line tube mills with approximately .156” dia -- .312” dia tubing being produced. This allows us to increase the speed of these systems to match small diameter tube lines and at the same time reduce the costs even further.


For both hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the measuring is done by a “closed loop” servo accelerated system, for the most consistent and best accuracy results.


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