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Yoder Upgrades M-2 Tube Mill

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yoder recently performed a major upgrade to a 75 year old M-2 tube mill, including roll stands, turkshead and drive system.   All the driven roll stands were replaced with new-style M-2 units.  The new style units will allow the customer to produce a larger diameter tube than they could previously. The tube mill stands include the gusseted outboard housing for improved rigidity, Additionally, the new double turkshead improves control of part straightness.  Finally, the drive system was upgraded from 2-motors to 3, effectively doubling the mill speed without any tooling modifications

Yoder’s M-Series tube mills are a time tested, rugged, scalable solutions to meet a range of custom and high production, industrial applications.  For more information, contact, call (216) 292-4460 or visit