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Tishken Slitting System for Bearing Steel

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tishken recently supplied a 12-XHS Slitting system for producing narrow coils used in the manufacture of sleeve bearings.  With a maximum 12” incoming coil width, the slitter head was sized to produce 42 cuts of 0.237” wide mults in 0.059” thickness material.  In order to support such particular knife setups, the slitting system includes Tishken’s Roll-a-Head feature for efficient change of the slitter head inline, reducing downtime.   Unlike turret-type systems, with the Roll-a-Head design, the tooling can be setup and gapped offline, then quickly rolled inline and secured via the hydraulic transfer and clamping system.  Additionally, the 12-XHS System includes dual recoilers for wrapping burr up and burr down coils on separate mandrels, each with a non-contact overarm separator for the surface critical material.  To further support the specialty slitting application, the system includes a job memory for storing the speeds and drive settings of each knife setup, to optimize the production and minimize scrap.

Tishken designs and builds specialized production systems for roll forming and coil metal processing.   For more information, contact , call (216) 292-4460 or visit