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Yoder Strut Tooling Redesign

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yoder recently updated its forming design for roll tooling to produce strut framing channel.  The tooling updates can form the full range of strut sizes, from 13/16” to 3-1/4” without marking the profile in carbon, galvanized and stainless steel material.  Unlike competitors, Yoder’s strut tooling design does not utilize bronze or floating flange rolls to tackle the galling issue of taller profiles.  The new tooling design has been installed on multiple systems and has enabled customers to triple the speed at which they produce 3-1/4” strut framing channel in stainless steel, the most challenging of strut profiles to form without galling. 


Yoder’s roll forming tooling is purposefully designed and manufactured to meet a range of custom and high production, industrial applications.  For more information, contact, call (216) 292-4460 or visit