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B&K Accessory System Redesign

Thursday, February 07, 2013

 B&K recently updated its Accessory System for production of steel framing components.  The updated design incorporates features of the 2DWR Supermill®, resulting in higher production speed capabilities of the Accessory System while insuring greater control for the precut operation of light gauge profiles.  The Accessory System can be supplied for one (1) profile to eight (8) unique accessory profiles, as well as multiple rotary punch patterns.  The continuous pattern rotary punch utilizes quick die change features for efficient changeover when multiple punch patterns are required on one machine.  The speed and precut arrangement of the B&K Accessory System results in a high production volume, versatile roll former that offers the most up time compared to any competitors accessory machine.


B&K’s patented gauge adjustment and rotary technologies make the Supermill® and Accessory Systems the highest production and versatile steel framing solutions available.  The Accessory System can produce up to eight (8) unique profiles and multiple hole patterns.  For more information, contact , call (216) 292-4460 or visit