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PurePak - The SpacePak Answer to Indoor Air Quality

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
04.12SP-1_PurePak_Brochure.pdfHomeowners can now breathe easier with the new PurePak Air Cleaner. Not only is it quiet, but it cleans the air with amazing efficiency - capturing up to 98% of airborne particles 1 micron in size or smaller! The patented carbon core filter media not only captures pollen, mold, bacteria and smoke; it also absorbs odors without creating ozone.

SpacePak is committed to providing products that improve your quality of life. To find out more about the PurePak Air Cleaner, look for the following four items in our Literature Library located on the "Brochures & Literature" tab.

  • PurePak Recessed Air Cleaner (Brochure)
  • PurePak - The SpacePak Answer to Indoor Air Quality (Product Data)
  • PurePak Air Cleaner - Installation Instruction (Installation and Operation Manual)
  • PurePak Air Cleaner - Maint. & Filter Replacement (Installation and Operation Manual)