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Smith Cast Iron Boiler Replaces Oldest Working Boiler in New Hampshire

Monday, January 31, 2005
Westfield, Mass., Jan 31 – Smith Cast Iron Boilers teamed up recently with Wilkins Mechanical Services, a residential heating contractor based in Bedford, NH to donate a Smith Boiler as a replacement for a 134-year old working boiler.

The donation of a new Smith Series 8 Boiler was the result of a holiday-season contest that Wilkins Mechanical Services sponsored in New Hampshire to identify the oldest working boiler in the state. The winner was Marc Palmondon of Nashua, who lives in a house that was built in the late 1800s. The original boiler, an old “snowman” style steam boiler -- manufactured by the Richardson Boiler Company -- was the only heating system that the house had ever had.

“We wanted to host a contest around the holiday season to provide someone with a new boiler,” said Todd Lavery, general manager of Wilkins Mechanical Services. “We do lots of business with Smith and they agreed to participate in the program and help with the donation.”

The contest was promoted throughout the state on three radio stations that Wilkins advertises on, and netted well over 30 entries, including several boilers that dated back to the early 1900s. The replaced boiler was originally designed for use with coal, however, the system was converted in the early 1950s for use with oil.

For his winning submission, Palmondon has received a high efficiency Smith Series 8 Residential Boiler. The new boiler has an efficiency rating of over 85%, a long cry from the estimated 55% efficiency of the old boiler, and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. In addition, all Smith Cast Iron Boilers are in compliance with A.S.M.E., and cast iron sections are hydrostatically tested. Per A.S.M.E. code section VI, cast iron boilers are more resistant to corrosion than steel boilers, allowing owners to operate their boilers without water treatment. Smith boilers are designed with full access to the fire side heating surfaces which allows for easy boiler cleaning and maintenance.

The total value for replacing the existing boiler and installing a new one is about $6,000 according to Lavery, however, the old boiler and pipes were wrapped with asbestos, which had to be professionally removed. Thanks for the help of Alpha Asbestos Abatement, of Bedford, NH, and their partnership with Covino Environmental Associates, Inc, Waste Management, NEET, and NHDES, who all donated their services for the project.

“The end result is that we all donated time, money and materials to bring this contest to reality, and best of all, we really made Mr. Palmondon’s holiday special,” said Lavery. “It was a great program and we are very pleased with the results.”

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