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Formtek August 2012 Newletter

Friday, August 31, 2012

Recent News

B&K Adds New Supermill® System

B&K recently supplied their newest version of the Supermill®, the 2DWR+16, to a metal building products manufacturer in Canada.  Expanding on the capabilities of the drywall Supermill solutions, the 2DWR 16 is capable of 1-5/8” to 8” web widths, up to 2” leg height, and 0.015” to 0.063” material thickness.  These capabilities enable the machine to cover the range of drywall and light structural products, with B&K’s industry leading 500 FPM production speeds and the fastest changeover available.  For more information, please contact send us an email, visit our website, or contact us directly at  216.292.4460.

Run for Manufacturing

Join us at the inaugural RUN4MFG 5K and show your support for manufacturing! Runners and sponsors can make every step count and select the association and corresponding charitable organization they would like to participate for, start collecting pledges, and make a difference for the future of manufacturing!

Today's Tube Producing Solutions

Please register for this upcoming event which will enable the audience to hear short presentations and ask questions immediately after.  The questions will be presented to a panel with the day’s speakers present to answer questions.  The experts assembled have experience with weld quality and quality monitoring, tooling designs and specific uses and materials.  Formtek will have representation there should you have specific questions regarding equipment or applications.  Please join us there!

Manufacturing Day is October 5th

"Manufacturing Day” will be the 'coming out party' for U.S. manufacturers all across the nation," said Ed Youdell, president and CEO of the FMA. "October 5 is dedicated to celebrating the great work and innovation of the 12 million men and women who make the United States the world's largest manufacturing economy."
There's one sure way to change people's impressions about manufacturing and prove that it is modern, clean, safe, and in need of highly skilled, well-trained employees: allow members of the local community into your plant and show it off. Sign up your company today to host an open house.  We will be having an Facility Tour / Presentation that day.  Please sign up here to visit and take a walk through our facility!

Who's most important to invite to your plant? Educators, youth organization leaders, parents and students. To grow the future workforce, it is important to instill curiosity and incite enthusiasm in today's 11 – 13 year olds so they have sufficient time to take the math and science classes they will need to qualify for post-secondary manufacturing training opportunities.

Metalcon International

Conference Schedule

Creative options for Punching/Shearing/Cutoff Challenges in the Metal Building Industry
Paul Williams
Director of Sales, Hill Engineering

This session will help you understand the different types of punching and cutoff systems required for automating roll forming lines for the metal construction industry. Areas to be covered include:

Punching systems for purlins, studs, joists, corner beads, vertical commercial siding

  • Stationary punching systems with servo-feeds
  • Flying punching systems with electronic measuring
  • High-speed rotary punching units

Cut off systems for roof panels, siding panels, purlins, studs, joists, etc.

  • Measurement and acceleration methods
  • What type of press is best for each application?
  • Pre-shear and post-cutoff systems

Advanced Roll Forming of Steel Framing Components
Dave Voth
Regional Sales Manager, FORMTEK Metal Forming, Inc.

This presentation will provide insight into the latest advancements in roll forming system technology for the Steel Framing Industry. Discussions will focus on automated equipment change-over for material thickness, cross sectional variations, punched opening locations, and part lengths. Handling of the finished product in high speed operations will be discussed.

Also addressed, will be the level of operator training required. The advantages of programmable rotary punching and cutoff systems will be presented.  Included, will be specific examples of these technologies being utilized in the manufacture of steel framing products.

Formtek is a group of long-established companies, each with a well-known name and a history of providing innovative, reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries.  As a single-source provider, Formtek continues to supply it's customers with the highest quality equipment, parts and service available in the industries it serves.  Visit our website for additional information on products, services and employment opportunities.


Visit Us At Fabtech in Las Vegas

While you are planning your trips, be sure to stop and see us at our next event to answer questions about your upcoming machinery needs.

Booth Number C3708
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 12-14, 2012
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North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to the Las Vegas Convention Center November 12-14, 2012. If your job requires you to look for new ways to work smarter, operate leaner and boost productivity, then you and your team need to attend FABTECH. Make plans now to attend your industry's main event and you'll find the products, resources and ideas to strengthen your business and achieve your manufacturing goals.

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Rely on the Strength of Formtek

This recession hit everyone in the metal forming industry; including our customers, competitors and vendors as well as us.  With the financial backing of our parent company, Mestek, Inc., the Formtek Group has maintained a strong balance sheet to weather the storm of this last recession.  You can be sure to count on us now and in the future for your metal forming needs, whether it is new equipment, parts or service, we are here for you.

The second half of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 has shown the resilience of American manufacturing. Many have suggested that American manufacturing was dead;  we beg to differ.  Formtek and its customers have seen how American manufacturing is come back, stronger than ever!