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Mestek, Inc. Gets New Home In Canada - New space for manufacturing and distribution

Monday, May 22, 2006

Westfield, Mass., May 4 - Mestek, Inc., a major U.S. holding company with more than 30 HVAC and metal forming companies in its structure, has a new manufacturing and distribution center in Canada.

The company's new location on Tranmere Drive in Mississauga, Ontario, is 94,000 square feet, more than twice as large as its previous Canadian facility, and combines both manufacturing and distribution operations for the company in Canada.

The company employs approximately 80 people at this facility. "We are thrilled to move into such a practical and modern facility," said Manny DaSilva, operations manager at Mestek Canada. "It is an exciting step in our overall growth, and provides us with a more efficient manufacturing facility, state-of-the-art laboratory and improved distribution."

On the manufacturing side, the new facility will produce commercial copper fin water heaters and boilers under the RBI name. In addition, inventory and distribute a wide variety ofMestek's commercial and residential heating and air-conditioning products in Canada, including:

  • Smith Cast Iron Boilers - Commercial and residential boilers.

  • HydroTherm - Commercial cast iron boilers and control systems..

  • Beacon/Morris - Hydronic, gas fired unit heaters.

  • Sterling HV AC Products - Engineered gas-fired make-up air units.

  • SpacePak - High velocity (mini duct) residential air-conditioning systems.

  • Heatrim American - Hydronic baseboard radiation.

Mestek products are shipped from the facility's five-bay shipping dock, and raw materials are delivered through two drive-in shipping and receiving bays. In addition to the RBI manufacturing operations, the facility is designed to provide in-depth product training and includes a presentation classroom for Mestek contractors, installers and customers, along with a 1,500 square foot hands-on, training laboratory.

For additional information about RBI or any of the Mestek products sold in Canada, please contact Mike Andersen at (403) 208-9844; for company products sold in the U.S., please contact Tim Markel at (413) 568-9571. Mestek information is also available on line at