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How To Solve Overheating in Small Server Rooms

Friday, February 25, 2011

Most companies today require some sort of small server room to house their network computers or even their digital phone system equipment.  Trimming temperatures in a room not originally designed for that purpose can be accomplished using Koldwave Portable Air Conditioners.

This is an actual case photo of a typical small business server room.  This 144 square foot room houses 4 servers, 2 routers, 2 switches, 1 PC, and a UPS system.  By installing a 3 ton Koldwave air-cooled air conditioner the room temperature was reduced by roughly 25 degrees...enough to put the room temperature well within the latest ASHRAE guidelines for server equipment.  Note that the Koldwave unit uses the optional vent duct to push the hot condenser air out of the server room...further enhancing the conditions in the room.