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ZonePak - Zoning System for High Velocity Small Duct

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ZonePak® - Delivering the right level of warmth and cooling to the spaces you choose, saving energy and money

ZonePak - the zoning system for SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity central air

ZonePak is the smart solution for delivering controlled comfort throughout your environment. Its unique, air-driven damper system is guided by multiple independent, pre-programmed thermostats, creating up to three separate zones of unparalleled comfort while utilizing a single air handler. The select delivery of conditioned air satisfies thermostat needs quickly, allowing the air handler to run more efficiently and reducing overall energy consumption and costs.

A good fit for any structure

ZonePak's applications extend to almost any structure: multi-family or multi-floor dwellings, commercial or retail developments, retrofits or new constructions can all benefit from its unique, energy-efficient technology.

Download the ZonePak brochure for more information