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Products can contribute to building sustainability

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mestek, Inc is a member of the US Green Building Council and as such take our contribution to building sustainability seriously both in our manufacturing process and in the products that we produce.  Our continuous improvement initiative reflects our commitment both sustainability and lessened environmental impact on both levels.


As it relates to our products, we have recently introduced products that are both energy and environmentally friendly.  Our new “mini” Fire/Smoke and Smoke damper line is an example of engineering products that consume less energy, yet utilize recycled material in our manufacturing process.  The dampers are designed to operate at a greatly reduced static pressure loss when compared to traditional single thickness or airfoil blade Fire/Smoke or Smoke dampers.  The pressure loss across the damper can be 30 to 40 percent less than previous generation dampers depending on size and duct velocity.  For a damper that is 12 “ x 12” operating at 2000 feet per minute, and assuming $.10/KWH, the annual energy savings for a single damper is $ 122.75.  The effect of this is even more dramatic when the 30 year expected life of the building is considered, with a total savings of $3602.75 per damper.  Additionally, our “mini” series is manufactured using steel that has at least 40% recycled content.


Increased ventilation rates are another area that draw increased attention as designers strive to obtain both increased occupant comfort and reduced energy consumption.  We have introduced a redesigned “HP” (High Performance) line of extruded aluminum outside air louvers that operate at up to 20% lower pressure drops compared to standard products.  By increasing free area without sacrificing water penetration performance, we offer the designer the ability to increase ventilation rates while reducing fan horsepower required.


Another area we are concentrating on is reducing the total volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that our paint contributes to the building environment.  Voc’s are introduced by any painted product in the HVAC/R system and can result in reduced occupant comfort and the resultant worker productivity decline.  We have introduced a new paint system in our facilities that use a two coat paint that contributes 50% fewer VOC’s to the environment that traditional water based enamels.  Further, the paint requires no special disposal, further reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations.


These are but a few examples of the initiatives we are implementing as part of our overall “Green” initiative.  We are proud to be the industry leader in creating a sustainable environment.  For further information please visit our websites,