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Yoder Updates M-Series Roll Forming Machines

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Yoder recently updated its M-Series of driven forming stands for roll forming and tube mills. The four models of M-Series driven stands incorporate a rigid, gusseted outboard design, which has years of proven performance in the QVW-Series machines. The updated versions also have the option of Yoder’s new eccentric toggle disconnect.  With the ability to form deep sections and operate a wide range of tooling sets on a single roll former or tube mill, the disconnect mechanism allows the top drive gear to be taken out of the fixed gear ratio, on specific stations, to accommodate tooling designs that do not match the machinery gear ratio, enabling customers to run a wide range of existing tooling on this machine.  Additionally, these features are reverse compatible, so they can be retrofitted onto existing M-series roll forming machines and tube mills.

Yoder’s M-Series roll forming machines are rugged, scalable solutions to meet a range of custom and high production, industrial applications.  For more information, contact, call (216) 292-4460 or visit