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World Class Roll Forming Workshop

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


World Class Roll Forming Workshop

John Kopsick and Paul Williams will be at the Workshop to present the following topics:

John Kopsick - Basic Roll Design

  • Basic roll forming design principles
  • Ideas to make designs functional
  • Design versus operator issues

Paul Williams - In-Line Punching Technology

  • Prenotch Dies - stationary flying
  • Rotary punching machines
  • Postpunch dies - flying
  • Bring in your line upgrade questions and existing line punching problems:  what line speeds are realistic for my application?  How can we get better tolerances?  How can we eliminate secondary operations?

Paul Williams - Cutoff Technology

  • What is the best application for your cross-section?
  • Slug-type dies
  • Slugless crop cutoff dies
  • Combination cutoff dies
  • Cutoff press types - air, mechanical, hydraulic

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
187 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan  49503
April 24-25, 2012
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Keeping production on schedule is key in roll forming operations. Strengthen your skills and know-how at a comprehensive industry update! FMA’s World-Class Roll Forming Workshop will deliver the intelligence you need to boost productivity and quality in your organization.

Choose from a dozen topics to upgrade your roll forming technology, help you reduce downtime, and increase your bottom line. Bring your challenges, parts, and drawings, and take away solutions you can implement at your home base.