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World-Class Roll Forming Workshop

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In-line Punching Technology
Paul Williams - Hill Engineering

  • Prenotch dies - stationary flying
  • Rotary punching machines
  • Post-punch dies - flying
  • Bring in your line upgrade questions and existing line punching problems: what line speeds are realistic for my application? How can we get better tolerances? How can we eliminate secondary operations?

Cutoff Technology
Paul Williams - Hill Engineering

  • What is the best application for your cross-section?
  • Slug-type cutoff dies
  • Slugless crop cutoff dies
  • Combination cutoff dies
  • Cutoff press types - air, mechanical, hydraulic

Basic Roll Design
John Kopsick - Formtek

  • Basic roll forming design principles
  • Ideas to make designs functional
  • Design versus operator issues

Alternative Roll Forming Methods Panel
Dave Voth - Formtek

  • Dave will be participating in this panel being held at Haworth, Inc.  Please see the World-Class Roll Forming Workshop website for more information.