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Monday, August 13, 2012

As you know, in March of this year we installed a new state of the art powder paint system in

our main manufacturing facility here in Westfield. This new paint system is almost exclusively

dedicated to the painting of commercial finned tube enclosures and accessories and

demonstrates our commitment to this market.

The installation required a significant capital investment and many months of planning to

ensure the entire process went smoothly with as little disruption to our daily manufacturing as

possible. We believe this was achieved and are pleased to say we have been operating the new

paint line for several months.

The new system provides some noteworthy improvements, the first being a paint finish with

enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the new process substantially

reduces any adverse impact our painting operation has on the environment. We now reclaim

and reuse about 80-90% of any powder over spray, and since the process uses no solvents,

almost no pollutants of any kind are discharged to the atmosphere. This is a very ecologically

friendly paint system that we can be proud of and was one of major deciding factors for

choosing this type of system!!!

In order to give you a feel for how this new paint system operates we have developed a short

three minute video that explains the process. The video was developed by Don Pratt, Director

of our Mestek Institute training facility and is narrated by Larry Desmarais, Mestek Vice

President of Westfield Manufacturing.